Friday, September 2, 2011

And so it begins...

The count down til Graduation in April has begun! Yes, I know its only the first week of the first of two sememsters I have to complete. But just knowing I will graduate in April makes me, super happy!

This year my classes changed schedule, I now have class starting at 8, no good for me but I have to get used to it sometime right? The fisrt week went better than expected I was only 2 minutes late one day and the rest I was early! When has that EVER happened? This first week went way better than expected, my attitude is still positive and I know I can make it through this sememster. I am making no promises how long this attitude will last but hoping it lasts for a while.

My schedule goes something like this:

Monday: ESL- after the first day super excited for this class I think I am going to learn a lot!
Tuesday: Movement: our teacher just got hired on Monday, so not really sure how this is going to go. Second class on Tuesday is Management 3, again I think I will like this class, management is usually good.
Wednesday: Math Methods, well just the word math makes my head hurt. ;) But I think this class will really help me figure out teaching math, or at least give me some great ideas.
Thursday: Literacy: this is the class I was DREADING! I had the same teacher last semester for literacy, and didn't love it. But after the first day it seems that she may have stepped up her game a little, I actually walked out thinking this isn't going to be so bad.
Friday: Differentiation: I really had no clue what this class was, still not totally sure but the teacher seems excited to teach us so it should also be good.

Week 1 = success


  1. You can totally do it. Differentiation is about how to teach to kids at different levels or from different backgrounds/circumstances. Plus how to teach to different learning styles, etc. Or at least that is what it should be. Good luck! Can't wait to see that diploma.

  2. Good luck! I'm hoping my husband will be able to graduate this spring too. I started counting down this summer so don't feel too bad! I hope your semester is going well...